ERP Solutions

Tougher competition in the marketplace is generating the need to better optimize resources, improve profitability and keep customers satisfied. Companies are increasingly implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions to improve operations and provide faster customer response. Choosing an ERP solution that meets your specific business requirements will enable you to have a smoother implementation. If the software package is written for your industry, you won’t have to custom design a solution.

Customized solutions are time consuming to implement and add unnecessary cost. One of the top reasons ERP implementations fail is because the software doesn’t meet basic industry specific business requirements. However; purchasing an ERP application is only half the battle. A well designed implementation plan is the key to success. Think Synergy has the experience and expertise to assist any organization achieve a successful ERP implementation.

Why J. Kings has had success in implementing ERP solutions

1.Strategic Planning

2.Procedure Review

3.Data Collection and Clean-Up

4.Training and Testing

5.Go Live and Evaluation